5 common design mishaps… and how to avoid them

If they’re not, their range could be limited and you could leave potential customers on the table. And those are only the most popular ones. Trying too hard to be trendy
It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve, especially in a creative field like design. The fix: Check your compatibility
Ghostlab is one of many tools for testing your website across different browsersCheck the compatibility of your design across multiple platforms. Save the trendy designs for short-term projects. Bevel Emboss. Knowing the age and demographic of your audience can help you design an experience that not only works for their technology, but that appeals to their personality. The fix: Experiment with negative space
The Fedex logo shows how to use negative space in the right wayIf you’re not already exploring negative space in your designs, start now. Image courtesy of Nick Webb; www.flickr.com/photos/nickwebb/Want to have a long career as a designer? But trends in design are just like trends in fashion or technology – always changing. Know the latest trends in design and aesthetics.  
If you have the latest in web and internet technology, it may be tempting to design as if your audience does, too. See screenshots of your designs in different versions of browsers. A lack of space can make designs look chaotic and overdone. If your designs are widely compatible, they’ll reach – and impact – a much larger audience. Minimize the unnecessary for maximum impact. 04. Your viewers’ frustration could result in a sales downturn, which could lead to your employer cutting you out of the equation. Designs that are too cluttered
Clutter just might be the worst enemy of great design. That guideline can also apply to design. I’m talking about the quality of the technology they’re using to view your work. And done right, negative space can be a creative way to add dimension to your designs. Pro tip: if you’re working on a freelance project, make sure you know the audience you’re trying to reach. Instead of including every colour you can find, choose a few complementary hues and adjust their value and saturation. They used to be hip. Drop shadows. Images. Ignoring negative space
We spend a lot of time looking at and talking about the tangible elements of design. The fix: Minimize, minimize, minimize
Coco Chanel’s first rule of fashion? We focus on what’s there. Designs that aren’t compatible across different browsers
There are tons of different browsers out there, and every user prefers a different one. Always take off one accessory before leaving the house. Internet Explorer. But negative space is an equally important aspect of design – one that shouldn’t be neglected. Graphics. Since you can never be sure what browser your audience is using, it’s important to make sure your designs are compatible across all platforms. One of the best-known examples of negative space? 05. Eliminate the elements that are confusing or distracting. Start paying attention to spacing and margins. When in doubt, always remember that in the end sometimes it’s better to be clear – not clever. You could try too hard, miss the mark and lose your audience. 01. Classic designs may not appeal to the innovator in you, but they’ll last longer and hold up better than their trendy counterparts. 03. Words: Abby Perkins
Abby Perkins is managing editor at Talent Tribune, a data-driven HR blog powered by Software Providers. Safari. It doesn’t matter how advanced your software skills, or how keen your artistic eye: some things can take even the best designs from great to subpar. Flat design is the in-thing: but that doesn’t mean you should use it in every designWhile it’s fine to experiment with and incorporate trends, designs that are too trendy now will look old-fashioned before too long. They’re a little dated.  
Pro Tip: When you finish a design, take a break from it. See what shapes you can make using negative space. Use online troubleshooting services to check all the components of your design. Opera. The Fed-Ex logo, which uses space to create an arrow between the “e” and the “x.”
Pro tip: Don’t try to be too clever with negative space. Pro Tip: As a final fail-safe, make sure your design works great in even the most finicky browser – like an old version of Internet Explorer. Instead of using multiple fonts, try one or two fonts with different sizes and emphasis.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 22:52