Happy Thanksgiving! Stories of Celebrations of all Shapes and Sizes from Our Readers

The young woman who called is a single parent of two. Funniest thing happened then…half a dozen of ’em may or may not have stuck to me like magnets. Dh was traveling (business) this yr for the first time in 30+ yrs, we had no set-in-stone plans or I’d have invited my young friend+2 to join us. Anyhoo. (What are the chances? She says, but doesn’t that require a special pan? Still….I could sense the note of sadness in her voice. JiffyPop. Yesterday, Wednesday morning, I sent one of my employees to a job right next door to this customer. *sigh* THEN she mentions she looked for JiffyPop at the market over the weekend but didn’t find any. Crank up the Christmas music, pop some popcorn and have a wonder-filled party! (Oh, the memories! She had promised them they’d put up the Christmas tree early this year and they were very excited. And this time….I found that this silly lil gift WAS my Thanksgiving. On the way to checkout from the dairy case which is in the back of the store, what before my eyes should appear? Yup. None of my doin’s though….I’m believing it was an early Christmas miracle 😉

– Discerning Tuesday at work I took a call from our largest customer. ) In the process, this lil gift bag, all decked out in silver purple suddenly appeared on this young mom’s desk. Yeah, it coulda been a bummer if I had allowed it. Some of y’all remember JiffyPop, right?) Here I’m thinkin….surely JiffyPop is still around but I can’t recall seeing it in yearssss. Cherish these special moments while you have them.’ To which she replied, ‘But, I don’t have a microwave.’ After some good-natured ribbing about my young friend being a product of the microwave age, I say, um, ya know ya can make popcorn on the stove, right?.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 14:52