Many of your drawings have a narrative quality

Julian Lewis
[Rainham Riverside] has come out of the process of hairy drawing, amongst other things, and that’s the only reason why this project includes the river and the industrial buildings and the river walk. Dann Jessen
I think that’s got to do with our interest in public situations. The drawings need to be able to tell a story and engage with the situation in terms of spaces and use, but also in terms of the culture of the place. Judith Losing
A brief for the public has to be ambitious: there are so many layers of ownership needs and different opportunities, so it can’t be straightforward. Can we talk about your ‘hairy drawing’ technique – this idea of drawing out as much as you possibly can until there’s no more? Julian Lewis
I think the technique to do with complexity is not to meet complexity with complex solutions because it then ends up in a mess. Do you use this to understand the full complexity of a situation? You’ve got to have clear thinking; simple conceptual approaches. Some of these things are now happening completely independently of the original client.

Updated: 29.10.2014 — 14:56