10 IKEA Holiday Decorating Ideas Worth Stealing

DIY dipped ornaments are totally on trend, and a great way to freshen up old decorations without spending a lot on totally new stuff
Group Decorations in Clusters for More Impact: This collection of otherwise basic gift-wrapped presents is made more dramatic and note-worthy when grouped and stacked all together. Why not? Try a Trend: It’s okay to mix in a few minor elements that might not stand the test of time. More posts in this series

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(Image credits: Ikea; Ikea) Go For Drama: If you already chose an artificial tree, why not take it to the next level and do something unique? Ikea did a two-tone half-and-half job, but any crazy spray paint job is possible. Add Warm Fuzzies: Layer in different types of lighting and textiles to create a cozy — yet special — atmosphere. Turn off the TV and overheads and enjoy the candlelight and snuggling under warm throws instead. It’s okay if things fall out of line or don’t match entirely. Follow these tips, tricks, and suggestions to do it yourself. Make It Messy: The holidays are all about making merry — not perfection. Drape String Lights Vertically: Multi-purpose classics like string lights work well OFF the tree too. Purple and gold? Ikea stylists are good at showing us common folk how to style our homes in inspirational ways for the holidays. If you don’t want to volunteer your tree for the job, do a smaller wreath instead.

Updated: 29.11.2014 — 00:53