Five sprawling volumes make up Barcelona home by RTA-Office

Related story: Nanjing Road mixed use area by RTA-OfficeThe space is arranged as five connected wings that project out from the centre of the plan, isolating an entrance hall and staircase, a kitchen, a living room, and three bedrooms from each other. RTA-Office designed the 290-square-metre building, named House and Studio YC, in the village of Castellcir just outside Barcelona. The space is lit by a slim section of glazing that extends down from overhead. Two of the wings are subdivided lengthwise to create separation between bedrooms and bathrooms, while the other three are left open-plan, including a kitchen with a lowered ceiling. The roofs of the units incline by 30 degrees from the flat top of the central hallway to the upper edge of the window panes, creating higher ceilings around the building’s perimeter. A flight of angular white steps ascends to a bright, white interior space with light wooden floors. Five box-shaped blocks radiate out from the centre of this Barcelona house   by Spanish firm RTA-Office, separating living areas from the client’s workspace (+ slideshow). The main entrance is located in the basement level, where a sloping driveway leads to an underground garage and studio. According to the architects, the sprawling plan was influenced by the shape of the site and presence of existing trees. Small courtyards situated between each prong of the building help to bring in more natural light. Glazed end walls allow each room to frame a different view of the rural surroundings.

Updated: 30.11.2014 — 19:23