Body parts appear to stretch and rip in Goatee’s music video for Heo

Related story: Tomek Ducki animates Adam and Eve’s sinful story like an “underground party”After hearing the “sad” Luna track, the director immediately thought about the melting pot of emotions experienced by troubled hearts. “I must say I was quite happy working on this project,” he said. Goatee and his production company Nightshift created the music video for an old friend, Heo, after promising to make something for his new album over two years ago. “The video image popped up right away as I heard the song, the melody really got me,” Goatee told Dezeen. “It reminded me of someone who couldn’t reach their love regardless what they tried.”

His video shows a man and a woman whose faces and arms are distorted as they reach for each other. “In my country, it is really hard to persuade the client with this kind of abstract concept, but since we were all friends, we understood each other fully and the process was quite flawless.”

Luna features on Heo’s latest album Structure, released earlier this year. “Basically it is about a relationship between people,” said Goatee. Despite this, the director was pleased that he was able to create such a conceptual film to accompany his friend’s track.

Updated: 30.11.2014 — 23:24