Rough-sawn pine used to build low-cost Hostal Ritoque in Chile

Project credits:
Client: Diego Arenas, Dayenú Vencilla
Architects:   Alejandro Soffia,   Gabriel Rudolphy
Structure: José Manuel Morales, Gabriel Rudolphy
Contractors: Juan Tapia, Francisco Tapia, Diego Arenas
Site plan –   click for larger imageTypical guesthouse floor plans – click for larger imageModular construction diagram – click for larger imageSection one –   click for larger imageSection two – click for larger image Photography is by Alejandro Soffia, Pablo Casals-Aguirre and Juan Durán. Chilean architects Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy were set a strict budget for this seaside guesthouse complex, so they used standard dimensions to get as much value as possible out of their building materials (+ slideshow). “In general, high-level architectural production is associated with improper use of costly materials, which produces an equality gap to the extent that the benefits of good design can only be taken advantage of by those that can afford it,” explained the architects. Related story: Asymmetric holiday homes by Studio Koossino feature bright yellow walls
Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy delivered the complex for just over £400 per square metre by basing their design around the standard proportions of locally available sawn pine. “Capitalising on the dimensional properties of construction materials allows us to take advantage of materials so as to reduce the times and costs involved in a work of architecture.”

The architects began the project by contacting local suppliers and contractors, putting together a catalogue of building techniques and materials that could be found without excessive transportation costs. They then set about developing a series of architectural volumes that could be constructed within those parameters. The result is a row of simple boxy volumes that are raised up on log columns so they barely make contact with the uneven terrain below. Each one has a bedroom and bathroom on the lower level and a double bedroom above. Elevated terraces have been slotted in between the buildings, with staircases leading up to them from the beach. Both levels are also fronted by glazed doors that slide open, leading onto balconies with views out to sea. The three buildings designated for guest accommodation are located at the southern end of the site.

Updated: 01.12.2014 — 01:24