Under Construction: World’s First Concrete-Printing Robot

Their primary joint goal is reduce the time (from weeks to hours) and thus increase the options available for the on-site   deployment of concrete, in turn creating new possibilities for one of   planet’s most ubiquitously-used building materials. Currently, a phase two prototype has already been built (its products demonstrated above) and the team is working on a newer and more-mobile version able to create high-complexity shapes both on and off construction sites. The results so far are promising: structurally-robust forms that would be difficult if even possible to create via conventional cast-in-place or precast concrete construction techniques. Essentially, a computer-controlled robotic arm lays down layers of concrete, each building on the previous according to a programmed sequence. Comment on Facebook This interdisciplinary group   aims to bridge the gap between what can be modeled via three-dimensional rendering software and what can be manufactured   in reality.

Updated: 30.11.2014 — 15:24