Easy Room Decor: 6 Ways to Make a Big Visual Impact With Branches

2. Add interest to a long, low console or shelf

If you’ve taken our advice and added an eye-catching long, low console or shelf to your space, you might appreciate the architectural interest some tall branches can bring to a low surface, again defying expectations because you just don’t expect to see something like branches so low. Seen on Nordic Design. Add tall branches to a side table

Side tables near chairs and sofas are often the place you’ll see small book stacks or some other small accessory. 4. Add height to a coffee table

Instead of a punch of color from a flower bouquet (or perhaps in addition to), you could add some branches in a vase to a coffee table for eye-catching interest in the middle of your room. 6. If your ideas are striking out because of the height, consider losing the vase and laying branches on their side for natural texture to your centerpiece. They’ll contrast or connect with your cabinets’ material and color and they’ll grab attention by being the tallest element on your countertop. Here are seven ideas to consider. Let branches be a tall centerpiece

As long as again, they’re not in the way of conversation, branches can add height and drama to the dining table. Looking for an easy, fast, almost-impossible-to-mess-up decor element you can add to your home today to add some holiday cheer and a winter-y feel? Grab some branches — forage in your backyard for some particularly shapely ones or buy some that have leaves or buds — and arrange them in an interesting and fresh way to spruce up different spots in your home. An arrangement of branches look great on a sleek kitchen counter

Don’t want to have a lot of stuff cluttering your kitchen counters? 3. 1. Go REALLY tall

Grab a sturdy container, grab a really, really tall branch, and add an eye-catching element to just about any room of the home. Found on Jelanie.

Updated: 30.11.2014 — 21:24