6 Ways to Create a Home That Shows Off Your Personality

Connect the things in your home in ways only you could and would, and you’ll find your home expressing more your personality than the style of a company. Invest in vignettes

Vignettes are one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s box of tricks. Layer, layer, layer

Chances are your home won’t be completely filled with one store’s furniture products, so use your layering mastery to nest tables, stack elements, place plants in front of credenzas. Add art that catches the eye and steals the show

Don’t want anyone to notice all your bedroom pieces are from the same big store? Go for bright colors, intense patterns or the always-effective oversize effect. It’s not as hard to hide personal style and tastes as you might think. (Image credits: Alexis Buryk for Jaclyn’s Down-to-Earth Live/Work Apartment; Kathryn Bacalis; Kim Lucian) The entire look and feel of a piece can change pretty dramatically according to its settings, and you can actually exert control over whether or not a common piece of furniture is recognizable by using the architecture of your home. Lean art in front of that bench you’ve seen in plenty of Pinterest boards. Change the background color

Change the color of the wall that will be in the background of your piece. So then what can you do to make sure your living room doesn’t look like a catalog spread and that your home feels like “you?” Find the answer in a few simple steps. From a stripe of a color to dip-dyed legs, there are a lot of DIY options. It also involves coordinating furniture with your existing space so it either contrasts quite dramatically and wonderfully, or enhances the architecture of your space. That requires figuring out the best layout so that rooms function the way you need them to and that traffic flows effortlessly through the space. Remember: Your home will reflect you because it’s yours

Remember that even if you bought every item from one photo of one catalog, your home would still have your own touches to it because it was put together by you.

Updated: 01.12.2014 — 23:53