Reiulf Ramstad completes wooden church with a grand spire beside a Norwegian fjord

Oslo studio   Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter   has reinterpreted the traditional   Norwegian stave church to create a modern chapel featuring folded   timber surfaces and a huge pyramid-shaped spire (+ slideshow). The main hall, which can accommodate a congregation of more than 500, is   lined with light-coloured pine. “The building permits daylight into its volume through lancet-reminiscent tall and narrow windows,” said the architects. It is used for arts and music events, as well as worship. The folded roof structure dips in the centre but   rises back up at   the edges to create high-level windows. The baptismal pool and pulpit   stand   on delicate metal legs on a raised platform in front of a large circular stained-glass window. Photography is by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. “At night, the warm glow of the interior reveals the activities of its religious and cultural events.”

Visitors access   the two-storey building on the upper level by climbing a set of wide concrete steps. Although the multi-faceted roof suggests otherwise, the   building sits on a simple rectangular plan. The glazed entrance is gently recessed, creating some shelter overhead. “The church signals its function with a sacral dignity and recognisable form, where the church spire, sanctuary and chapel are emphasised by ascending roof planes.”

Three triangular roof planes angle upwards from the base of the shard-like timber spire, which has a small cross affixed to its tip. Exterior walls   are clad in strips of pine that have been pre-weathered to create a mottled colouring, designed to help the building blend with the rural landscape. Related story: Bøler Church by Hansen/Bjørndal Architects
Built into a rocky slope where four   fjords convene, the building is based on the form of the traditional Scandinavian stave church – a type of timber-framed and walled structure   originating   from   the Middle Ages, typically   topped with an elaborate roof. A large foyer and hall occupy the upper level, while office and meeting rooms are situated on the level below. It   reaches its   highest point above the pulpit at the front of the church, at the opposite end of the building from the spire. A   stairway descends through the foyer to the ground-floor level.

Updated: 02.12.2014 — 22:11