Marie-Lyne’s Before & After Photos: Subtle Changes, Big Impact — LIVEBLOGGING THE STYLE CURE

It’s so rewarding to be able to finally appreciate our new bedroom. Now, where is that glass of wine? Open Slideshow

Redecorating a room often means buying new stuff. I didn’t go crazy and completely change everything in the space but I made a few subtle changes that still resound visually. I finally decluttered our messy clothes rack. I bought some plants and put frames up and our clothes are now hidden in the new drawer chests beside the bed. I am truly happy with the final result and I hope your own reveal is incredible as well. You can read all the steps here:

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Resources of Note:
3 drawer chests from Ikea
Table lamp from Target
30″x40″ Pantone colour swatch, DIYed and canvas from Omer Deserres
Pillow covers from Pillow Time Girls
Rug from Target
Chair found on the street
Plants from Fleuriste Beaugeste
Frames from Ikea, second hand store
Photo and drawings, DIYed

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(Image credits: Marie-Lyne Quirion) I also painted a huge Pantone color swatch in soft peachy tone to reinforce the idea of the pastel colour blocking. Let’s relax and enjoy our new room! Hurrah for the final reveal of my style cured room. Here’s a reminder of our “before,” above. The result is surprisingly beautiful.

Updated: 03.12.2014 — 04:12