AU Collection by Andrej Urem

Made from Eco Soy and bees-wax and led free cotton wicks, there is never black, sooty smoke. Design: Andrej Urem

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Posted by Erin on December 3rd, 2014

Artist and designer Andrej Urem has created the AU Collection, a series   of candles that are based on architectural forms. The importance is of a coherent synthesis, that then focuses on the essentials of a project, not adding anything that is not needed. With this as a base, I want to debate whether it is possible to combine craft with industry, whether complexity and seriality can co-exist. Their distinctive designs are based upon architectural forms. From the designer
Contemporary candles that are livable art pieces. Connecting sculptural elements with the practicality of everyday tools was the first catalyst for the realization of this collection.

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