Young designers to watch in 2015: Johnny Fordham & Suzi Paddison

Waterstones Costa
The campaign plays cleverly on the art of the coffee stainWith this brief we wanted to reinforce the link between great books and great coffee. Course: Creative Advertising BA (Hons)
University: Lincoln
Achievements: Best in Show New Blood Exhibition, New Blood Academy attendees
Tell us a bit about yourselves…
Jonny FordhamWe are a creative team who met at uni and have been working together since last November. We’ve got some other placemnts lined up between now and Christmas, but mainly we are still trying to learn as much as we can, absorb everything and have fun everyday. But actually loads of things, from movies to stand up comedy and street art to museums. Although it might work a bit better if Suzi didn’t think Captain America was better than Wolverine. 03. Having previously introduced Aileen Poe and Jack Beveridge, it’s now time to meet Jonny Fordham and Suzi Paddison, aka Jonny Suzi. What’s next for you? We are both really into comic books and graphic novels so thought it would be cool to be in one. Although that can be a little annoying because people watching has now become a habbit and it can be quite embarrasing when you’re caught staring on the tube. Comic
This is more a little side project, than an actual advertising brief. Jonny is the copywriter and Suzi the art director. We really like how it came out and clearly someone else did too because we were awarded best in show at the exhibition. In this series of interviews, we’re going to present some of the ones to watch from this summer’s New Blood Academy, supported by WPP. We are currently on placement at Fold7 which is going great, they’ve got us working on some exciting stuff already. Open to application from the brightest stars at the New Blood Awards Exhibitions from around the world, the Academy is an intensive two-week industry crash-course designed to springboard new talent into industry jobs and placements. 01. The DAD New Blood Academy is the ultimate prize for young creatives. To find out more about the DAD New Blood programme, visit In a way almost everything we do/see inspires us. Suzi PaddisonWe’re quite different from each other, but we think that works pretty well. Probably winning Best in Show at the exhibition, because we’d never won anything before as a team and it came as a real surprise. We think that girls want to look good all the time, and with waterproof mascara they can, even when they probably shouldn’t. We hope that down the line, if we need their expertise or they need ours then we can all help eachother out. And a game of ping pong or kaponk (Google it) is pretty good when you’re stuck. We’re so used to congratulating our friends for winning things, it felt weird for once being the ones that were congratulated. One big thing we think is to never miss an opportunity to get to know someone because you don’t know just how amazing somebody is until you start talking to them.

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