Astronomy Decor for Grown-Ups: Nebula Rugs & Towels by Schönstaub

Via This is Colossal

(Image credits: Facebook/Schönstaub; Schönstaub) Swiss company Schönstaub released this line of towels and rugs that bring that cool, outer-space vibe without making it look like a middle schooler’s bedroom. The 100-percent cotton bath towels are enormous at six feet by four feet, and those sell for $133 on the Schönstaub website. Personally, I’m tempted to put one in my baby’s nursery to encourage an interest in science (And also just because I think it’s cool.)

The rugs run $2,190 and take about six weeks to make and deliver. Not that they aren’t also perfect for a middle-schooler’s bedroom.

Updated: 03.12.2014 — 16:37