Gifting Books? Expert Tips from a Children’s Book Author

Depending on the child’s age, holiday books can be a wonderful introduction for children to other customs and cultures. Enter into that space and become part of the story. Children’s book author, Kate Banks, whose award-winning books include Fox and Max’s Words, says:

Choose a book that your child will like, but that you will like too! This doesn’t mean the child needs to know every word. With so many books out there, how can you choose? Engage in the process. Reading a book is a time to savor with a child, an invitation to explore together and can be just as rewarding for the reader as for the child. They look nice, but we don’t need them.” In some ways, he’s right. (Image credits: Bryson’s Peaceful Pad Tour) Reading a book is a great way to learn new words and play with them. If you visit a store or a library the child can look at the pictures and turn the pages and get a feel for what’s waiting in inside. On HBO’s Newsroom this week, a character played by BJ Novak says, “Books are the new art. And share which is really what reading with a child is all about! The best way to do this is to pick the book together. If you are shopping online, encourage your child to participate. Look and listen. Use the holidays as an opportunity to make a ritual of reading. This makes them great gifts during the holidays.

Updated: 04.12.2014 — 08:38