20 Of The Most Beautiful Subway Stations Around The World

Avtovo Metro Station, St. Kungstradgarden Metro Station, Stokholm, Sweden

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14. Arts Et Métiers Station, Paris, France

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5. T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

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7. Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya And Park Pobedy Stations, Moscow, Russia

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2. Slavyansky Bulvar Station, Moscow, Russia

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20. Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

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8. However, there are few subway stations in the world that go against the stream, keeping themselves apart from rest, standing out as excellent examples of impressive architecture. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai, China

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6. U-bahn Station, Munich, Germany

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17. Tilework In Szent Gellért Square, Budapest, Hungary

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#10. Liège Guillemins, Belgium
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SHARE these beautiful subway stations with others using the button below. University Of Naples Subway Station, Italy

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11. Solna Station, Stockholm, Sweden

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3. The Majority of world’s underground subway station are not in good condition, and they filled with all sorts of filth. Posted By MMK on Dec 3, 2014 | comments

When you think of underground subway stations, some of the first things that come into your mind is filthy smell, noise, garbage, and lots of rats. Petersburg, Russia

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4. Stockholm, the Water Lily Station – Näckrosen
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15. City Hall Station, New York

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