DIY Wallpapered Folding Screen

Materials and Tools
3 sets of bifold doors with hinges
Wallpaper adhesive (if wallpaper isn’t pre-pasted)
Step 1: Attach three sets of bifold doors with hinges, then cover one side of the screen with wallpaper. Balance the contemporary print with hits of patina from an antique dresser and rug, and hang artwork near the ceiling, so it peeks over the screen for a moment of surprise. How to create a movable feature wall using a folding screen covered in an intriguing kaleidoscopic print. Stacey Smithers Kristen Koch

Angus Fergusson Kaleido wallpaper (JWP-802) by Jocelyn Warner, Trianon; bifold doors, moulding, The Home Depot; wall colour, Hague Blue (30), Farrow Ball; chaise longue, Elte; scarf, Winners; rug, Ecarpet Gallery; bureau, all artwork, 507 Antiques; barnacles, hat (on bureau), L’Atelier.

Updated: 04.12.2014 — 04:47