Karl Mikael Ling’s Pincher rack offers "a simple way to showcase your bike"

Pincher was my solution. Most hangers are more conspicuous – and far less graceful – than the bikes they carry. This simple rack made from just six components, by Swedish designer Karl Mikael Ling, is designed to simultaneously store and show off   a bicycle in a small apartment. Related story: Seatylock is a bicycle seat that is also a removable bike lockThe mounting plate is attached to the wall using two screws – supplied with two Rawlplugs – while the hanger is held into pre-cut grooves in the mounting plate using tension. Karl Mikael Ling’s Pincher hanger consists of two simple parts: a mounting plate routed from a solid block of aluminium and a machine-bent steel wire for supporting bikes up to 30 kilograms in weight. “A bike easily comes to define or even clutter a small space, and using a hanger adds another variable.”

“None of the existing hangers seemed to help. “Pincher is a simple way to showcase your bike and keep it off the floor. [It is] both visually and structurally light.”

Both parts have a matte coating and the hanger is padded with industrial-grade polyurethane at the points of contact with the bicycle frame to prevent scratching or scuffing. “Each part of the design fulfils the task it was made for with no gimmicks,” said Ling. Photography is by   Niklas Carlsson.

Updated: 05.12.2014 — 08:52