Inspiration From California

The Serena Lily design shop is just a few doors down Sacramento Street. You never know where your next great idea might come from. That’s why I always have my phone charged and ready to capture a moment of inspiration. Go to, upload a photo, and you get a palette of five Sherwin-Williams colours pulled from your photo. It inspires me to try something new — an art technique, a colour combo, something! I knew it was in San Fran but I had no idea what street it was on and I certainly wasn’t even looking for it. I liked this place for its refusal to follow suit. to San Francisco. The grasses sway in the wind beautifully and have a beachy vibe. But this prop vignette begged me to snap a pic. Time to pull some old things out of the china cabinet and experiment. Have you ever tried the Sherwin-Williams online colour tool called Let’s Chip It? The furniture is all beautifully handmade. Click the Edit Photos button on the bottom right and five more colours pop up for you to play with. Many of San Francisco’s Victorians are tarted up in several paint colours to highlight the intricate trims and adornments. I love the mix of materials, shapes and patina. I found it utterly mesmerizing. After L.A. And when you open the drawer you get a little treat — three perfect brass screws hold the pull into a carefully chiselled space so that the pull is flush with the top of the drawer. This little idea for cabinet pulls caught my attention. You can drag and drop the chips back and forth to customize a palette that matches your photo. It’s a no-fail way to devise a decorating palette because nature always gets colour right. Moser showroom. You can barely see these leather pulls when the drawers are closed. These homeowners also opted for a one-colour scheme, but with a very different effect. We hit up a few design shops in San Francisco. I’ve had it on my Pinterest board on Exterior Style for months. Amazing coincidence. (Read more about my trip in my previous blog post.)

I spotted this circular colour study painting by Don Suggs at the West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica. A display like this is a great idea for an off-duty dining table or a centre hall table. My favourite takeaway is the idea of placing an object on a stack of books to give it more presence — classic styling trick. And how about those colours? When I travel, my design spidey senses are on even higher alert. I spied this credenza at the extraordinary Thos. And the colour combination is very unusual. the BlogTour group hit the road up the coast from L.A. I’m interested in how masters of a particular craft can take something simple and make it sensational. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I travel — wander a neighbourhood to check out the architecture and paint colours and gardens. They are just deep enough for your fingers to grasp. Awe in the true sense of the word. furniture retailer Graye had a minimalist booth at the West Edge Design Fair. I was walking and I just looked up and there it was!

Updated: 05.12.2014 — 04:54