Building a Tiny Purple Beach House on Tybee

I found Katy’s story and her determination to follow her big dream really   inspiring. A Family’s Little White   House on Sauvie Island

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Are You Hooked on Houses? She says, “I purchased a disgusting wreck of a house by the water in   2011 and tore it down to   build a tiny, 850-square-foot house on the lot, salvaging as much   from the original as I could.” Here’s how it turned out:

It may be small, with only 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, but you wouldn’t know to look at it. Since the   photo   above was   taken, she painted the exterior doors purple, too (Pantone Dewberry):

It was finished   earlier this year. She says, “I literally threw together whatever I could get my hands on.”

The sliding doors at the top of the stairs lead to the laundry room:

“There are a couple of other cottages on the island that are very small, but this one is definitely unique since it’s built to code. Until then, you can check the listing for more photos and information. Today on my Secret Blog for Subscribers, I’m giving a tour of this house in Washington:

The link to the post will be in my newsletter, so watch for that. She hopes things will work out so she’s able to take it off the market soon. I love colorful Tybee cottages like this. She   “made   a mad dash to get the house furnished and staged” for the listing photos, and she didn’t have time to decorate it the way she had originally planned. P.S. But in the end everything has worked out, and this place is everything I imagined it would be.”

She adds that the whole family loves how the house turned out. Katy is a single mom with three kids   whose big dream was to build a small beach house on Tybee Island in Georgia. Hooked on Tiny Houses? Also be sure to visit her blog A Mom and Her Drill, where she promises to share her “next big project” with us! “The whole process   took me about 2.5 years because I had to save up money, and I’m a single mom of 3. I’ve featured a few others that you can see here, including one decorated by Jane Coslick called Cottage on the Green that I’d love to rent someday! Get Your “House Fix” with My Weekly Newsletter:

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