A huge kitchen island/dining table takes center stage in this apartment in Brazil

The elevator entrance hall is a yellow tile box. The bedroom is very simple, with the cabinets designed by us using the same wood from the huge table. Behind it the is a key pad that with the correct pin opens the door. Design: Felipe Hess
Photography by Ricardo Bassetti

Architecture, Interiors
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Comments are closed. This idea was to avoid a handle on the door and then have a pure tile box. It goes from dining table, to office (it has some bidding plugs) and reaches the kitchen. The box helps to connect the areas facing the living / tv room, the rehearsal area and the big table. We put a white box with shelves wrapping and hiding the social entrance. The huge wooden table has 10m and connects the areas and change its function along it.  

From the designer
This apartment was designed for a young actor that lives alone. On the other side there is an open kitchen with the same concrete plan and an open area to rehearsal the plays. After the yellow entrance hall, passing trough the book shelve you reach an open area with the huge table. On the intimate area there is a small toilet for visit and the master bedroom with its closet and bathroom. Is a flexible area, with some Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs and a vintage Jorge Zalszupin Senior chair. Behind the dining area, a concrete plan is used to serve the food. We used yellow tiles on the floor, walls, ceiling and the doors. The apartment has a very simple and precise design. The living room has a Hans Wegner Ox Chair, a pair of le Corbusier arm chairs,, a PK table. The bathroom is totally made of concrete and the cabinet uses also the same natural wood of the table. In one side, is the living room / TV room and dining area. We decided to open everything, connecting all the social areas. The apartment in a beautiful modernist building from the 60s had an plan with lots of rooms and divisions.

Updated: 05.12.2014 — 17:02