KiBiSi launches cargo bike for urban commuters

This trough includes a   thickened bar   that extends outwards from the front of the bike to offer support for weighty luggage. The bicycle   takes its design cues from the Biomega BOS/Boston bicycle by Jens Martin Skibsted, which also features a chunky aluminium frame and upright sitting position. A “super-size” trough with curved framework is raised over the 26-inch front wheel, allowing cyclists to carry large   items and shopping, avoiding the need to negotiate the streets with a full backpack. The bicycle features a chunky aluminium frame and framed trough. A   lightweight tubular aluminium frame, weighing 22 kilograms,   makes the bike both strong and easy to manoeuvre. The pearlescent white frame features a glow-in-the-dark fork at the front for nighttime visibility, while seat, handlebar grips and tyres are   black. It is also   gently angled towards the upright handlebars to prevent items from falling out. Design Miami 2014: Copenhagen studio KiBiSi   claims to have designed   the   first lightweight cargo bicycle tailored to the needs of   city commuters, for   Danish manufacturer Biomega. Design studio   KiBiSi   – founded by Kilo Design’s Lars Holme Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted of Skibsted Ideation – teamed up with bicycle manufacturer Biomega to create the cargo bike, named PEK Beijing. “It feels crazy that a gigantic bike handles as lightly as a compact city bike.

Updated: 05.12.2014 — 17:02