Casa Rosto do Cão by M-Arquitectos is fronted by four white blocks

The white-painted spaces are dressed in a combination of contrasting dark wood and   white marble. The   client requested a simple and cozy but “unfamiliar”   form for the single-storey house. Photography is by Paulo Goulart. Windows   on the sides of   the splayed blocks bring in light from the south, while floor-to-ceiling glazing wraps around the rear of the building. Sloping roofs rise to meet the flat L-shaped plane that stretches across   the living room and master bedroom, providing a non-standard gabled profile. “The building took this form as a result of rethinking the traditional Azorian house, known for its gable roofs,” said studio architect Rodrigo Sequeira Dias Filipe. The architects responded by adding cutaways   in the facade, portioning up the   volume into chunks that house a second bedroom, a   kitchen-diner, a car-port and a utility room. “The volume naturally settles over the smooth terrain, respecting the existing topography in order to gain views of the sunset and the vegetation with the least impact on the surroundings.”

High-level lighting accentuates the gabled roof structure inside the house. A slim wooden sun deck follows the outline of the room and is shaded under the overhang of the roof. Project credits:
Architects:   M-Arquitectos – Monteiro, Resendes Sousa   Arquitectos
Partners: Fernando Monteiro, Marco   Resendes,   Miguel Sousa
Architect in charge: Fernando Monteiro
Collaborators: Marco Resendes, Miguel Sousa, Diana Policarpo, Pedro   Furtado, Maria   Melo   Bento
Stability and infrastructure/Engineers: José Brum, Ricardo Pacheco
Construction: Multipacto
Site plan – click for larger imageFloor plan – click for larger imageSection one – click for larger imageSection two – click for larger imageSection three – click for larger imageSection four – click for larger imageSection five – click for larger image Related story: Taíde House was built over the granite walls of a family’s original residence
The utility rooms   of the irregularly shaped Casa Rosto do Cão were   arranged across the road-facing side   of the property, while living and sleeping areas have been   positioned so that they look out   onto open farmland at   the rear.

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