Design a unique video game bad guy

A common question when illustrating, especially for video games, is how to get ideas for a cliché-free character. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX magazine issue 106. Conveying the enormity is one of my primary concerns, so I move the whole thing into a city where buildings will set the scale. In lieu of the Godzilla theme, though, I’ve gone for something else. Aside from the duck, it’s really just a matter of finding the right environment for the chaos. The skyscrapers are no match for the death beams that burst from his bill like hellfire. Since he’s large and far away, make sure the edges aren’t too hard. Don’t call me ducky
Giant things can also be considered adorable, so this can’t be where we stop things. Flame breath is an old standby. Any of these items alone may not seem intimidating, but adding a headband, a facial scar, stubble and a shark’s tooth necklace will say everything we need to know about this rough character. He needs a terrible power, but what to choose? On the upside, reference won’t be too big of a deal. 03. And considering that I’ve decided to design this particular destructor in the form of a bath toy, it’ll have to be blowing something up or the whole piece will be too adorable. If you can find a toy store, they probably have one. Compare sizes
I consider having him rise from the ocean like Godzilla, but if there’s only water around we have nothing to compare sizes with. If the message is, “He’s big, he’s powerful and he’s going to destroy us all,” then focus on how you can specifically convey those three things. It’s time to accessorise.

Updated: 06.12.2014 — 05:03