Before & After: A Two Day Transition from Old to "Old World"

Although there’s a lot of pattern going on, the soothing gray still keeps it calm and not chaotic. Nicolette found this old wood chest in a random shop, and viewed it as the perfect opportunity to test some new stencils she recently designed. The design wasn’t planned in advance, it just evolved. I gradually fitted the pattern together, in the way you would with a jigsaw puzzle. She wanted the details to be reminiscent of bone inlay, and to give the chest an antique Indian/British Colonial vibe. (Image credits: Nicolette Tabram) The interior was painted pink, so there is a lovely surprise of colour when the lid is opened. Nicolette took a couple of days to paint and stencil the trunk. Which means that wood lovers and purists, you might want to go and rearrange your sock drawer for a few minutes. I can tell you without hesitation that there is hyperventilation in your near future if you click through. Once the stencil work had begun, it became clear that I was going to have cover all of the exterior surface, including the back.

Updated: 05.12.2014 — 19:03