The "Under $11,000 Overhaul" Kitchen Makeover — Makeovers: Renovation Project

Our countertops and sink are also from IKEA and my dad custom built the open shelves for us. Everything except the appliances were original to the house and there was a wall that closed the small space in, making it feel even smaller. We ripped everything out and removed that one wall, opening the kitchen to the dining and living areas. (Image credits: All Sorts of Pretty) • Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovation project with Apartment Therapy readers? We also learned to live with less, so that has helped too. The configuration of the appliances made matters worse, with the fridge blocking one corner of the kitchen, and the overhead cabinets, though great for storage, closed in the space and made the usable counter space feel significantly smaller. We didn’t try to DIY very much of this kitchen and instead hired everything out with the exception of assembling the IKEA cabinets, staining/sealing our countertops, and painting. All together, the entire renovation including labor, supplies, and appliances, cost about $10,800 and was worth every penny, frustration, and months of delays. We knew we didn’t want to add upper cabinets and instead opted for open shelving on just one wall to keep the space as open as possible. Contact the editors through our Makeover Project Submission Form.

Updated: 06.12.2014 — 01:03