Yarn Bomb Bus: Knitted Double Decker Cruises Around London

It’s not unusual to see entire cars and buses covered in colorful yarn creations, but a double-decker seems to take the art of yarn bombing to new heights. 7up? The practice of ‘yarn bombing’ is sort of like graffiti, enlivening objects all around a city with unexpected artistic details. Sayeg lugged 20 suitcases of yarn to London for the project, part of 7up’s ‘Feels Good to be You’ campaign aiming to refresh the brand as ‘naturally unique and individual.’ The artist is known for covering all sorts of urban surfaces in soft knits, from public benches and fountains to an entire town square in Santiago, Chile. “Knitting and crocheting doesn’t have to be functional, it can be subversive, renegade – even illegal in certain cases. “And it makes me proud, as a woman, to be part of something that is so powerful. Yarn Bomb Bus: Knitted Double Decker Cruises Around London

Has there ever been a cozier-looking bus cruising around the streets of London than this neon yarn-bombed double decker dubbed the No. Taking this craft that is female dominated onto the streets graffiti style, which is male dominated, is what is appealing (or not) about yarn bombing.

Updated: 06.12.2014 — 17:43