15 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas for Tiny Homes

While I personally feel the need to have a live tree for the holidays no matter how small or scraggly, I’m definitely enamored by these creative and space-saving tree solutions. Geometric Paint Chip Tree via The Red Thread
14. Cork Tree via Ma Deco Comme Les Grands


6. Colorful Tape Tree via Minted Julep
2. 3D Cardboard Tree via Cardboard Christmas
15. 3D Plywood Tree via Varpunen
4. Wooden Wall Tree via Ma Deco Comme Les Grands
7. Chalkboard Tree via Resurrection Fern
13. Tabletop Tree via Dottie Angel
8. Confetti System Trees via Confetti System

1. Washi Tape Trees via Brit + Co

Updated: 06.12.2014 — 17:43