15 top-quality WordPress portfolio themes

11. 02. The clean and modern design of this WordPress theme is easy to customise and edit. Here we’ve picked 20 of the best portfolio WordPress themes around. There are a number of elegantly designed portfolio WordPress themes out there to get you started on showcasing your work the best way possible. With built-in image, audio and video friendly facilities, it’s easily connected to social networks. Simply Infinite
The Simple Infinite WordPress theme offers a very smooth and clean layout, giving flexible editing options as well as pages to spread out and distribute your content within
10. Liked this? Retro
This WordPress theme offers an alternative design for your portfolio site, with a retro inspired layout, easy editing options and multiple page facilities, with built in options including contact forms and Nivo sliders. Rhea
Rhea is another great clean and structured layout, perfect for illustrators and visual artists. This theme is functional on many platforms and easily accessible. Haze
Haze is a beautiful and stylish portfolio WordPress theme that offers a full screen slider welcome page and easy to use navigations options: perfect for creatives and visual imagery. 09. You certainly don’t need to be a web design wizard to create a decent looking portfolio site these days. 06. Hipster
As the name suggests, Hipster offers a modern and relaxed alternative to an overformal portfolio site, with multi-functional pages that will allow viewers to engage and interact with the content – perfect for studios and collectives. 08. With a multi-page facility there is a clean and clear balance between the body copy and imagery. Nemesis Clean Design
This portfolio WordPress theme is specifically aimed at designers and creatives looking to expose their work. Follow her on Twitter at @meryemmeg. 03. Read these! 04. 05. Its many editing features allow you to personalise the content to best suit the nature of your work, again viewable on a range of different digital platforms. Media Book
Media Book offers a perfect and refreshing WordPress theme that would work particularly well with photography and very visual imagery, giving you a professional and luxurious feel to your work. 01. MiniPress
MiniPress offers a simple but classy black and white layout to give your work a glossy finish. 15. It’s now easier than ever to use platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr to create a highly effective and professional design portfolio page, which is easy to edit and navigate as you please, similarly to the way you would a blog page. Redemption
This great responsive portfolio theme is primarily for photographers but will also let any graphic designer’s portfolio shine. Let us know about your experiences in the Comments! Incorn
Incorn has a stylish layout, offering up to 20 pages of content made very easy to navigate and interact with. Shiny
Shiny is a very delicate but at the same time co-operative portfolio WordPress theme allowing you to put focus on the work you most see fit to represent your practice.

Updated: 07.12.2014 — 21:56