Valerie & Andrew’s Airy Living in 840 Square Feet — House Call

See more of their aesthetic on their blog. We surprisingly found our home on Craigslist and moved in right before we got married. We both love the space because it is clean, bright, and airy, with wooden beams and hardwood floors, which add the right amount of warmth. These custom pieces also serve as multi-functional; my favorite being our bed with hidden storage. Name: Valerie AndewLocation: Marina Del Rey, California

My husband and I rent a 840 square foot loft in the Arts District, of Marina Del Rey, California. Contact the editors through our House Tour House Call Submission Form. We’ve had some furniture pieces custom made for us, making the space feel even more special. Thanks, Valerie Andew!

Updated: 07.12.2014 — 19:56