Slow Down: 5 Tasks Around the Home to Take Your Time With

But by forcing yourself to stay on task and in the moment, you might bring a little bit more peace to your day, no yoga or seated mediation required. That’s because different stains and different materials need different stain fighting tools. 2. Do you need to purchase smaller packages so you don’t have waste? Vacuuming

Hear me out on this one, because I know how tempting just rolling the vacuum over a few hot spots in the home can be. Because food waste is a huge problem these days, and taking the time to really examine everything in your fridge might help you find stuff you can still salvage and use, not to mention be mindful of the stuff that you didn’t end up using. 3. It’s something you have to do regularly, so it’s easy to zone out and think about what else you have to do that day while scrubbing your pots. Cleaning out the fridge

Why not just throw open the door and start tossing stuff you see? It doesn’t take that much longer to nudge a piece of furniture out of the way to vacuum under it or grab the right attachment to clean the baseboards or window sills. When you’ve already got the vacuum out of its resting place and in use, it might serve you to slow down a bit and do a bit more thorough job than usual to leave yourself with a cleaner and healthier home. Take notes so you can shop smarter next grocery trip. Removing a stain

While it is prudent to act quickly when a stain has just occurred, whether on upholstery, carpet or some place else, rushing into it without any thought isn’t advised. There are some tasks around the house where spending a bit more time getting through them can be an advantage. Fixing anything broken around the house

Very few of us enjoy repairing broken things around the house. 1. 5. But have you ever compared the time difference between a quick vacuum job and a thorough one? (Image credits: Bethany Nauert) The dishes

I’ve got five broken dishes in the last week to prove that trying to go quickly with the dishes is a recipe for slipping and ruining a favorite plate or mug. Do you need to make sure you’re researching recipes or buying other ingredients so you don’t not use something you bought? 4.

Updated: 08.12.2014 — 07:56