Goko’s House of Eight Gardens frames a variety of open-air courtyards

Related story: Atelier ARS° screens Mexican house behind stone wall and latticework”Our goal was to create a house and relaxing experience of absolute rest, and to contribute to a better environment improving life quality,” said the architects in a statement. The open-air spaces that give the project its name, House of Eight   Gardens, were incorporated into the design by Mexico City-based   Goko to enable daylight to illuminate the interior, as well to   introduce elements of nature. Travertine marble was   used for flooring and walls throughout the interior to provide a sense of warmth and texture, with simple white walls helping to maximise the effect of sunlight that filters through pergola-like cross beams. A large garden at the rear of the house can be accessed from the main living area and a smaller family room, which both open onto a terrace sheltered by the overhanging roof. A small pool flanked by a row of stepping stones is located at one end of the garden and the master bedroom is situated in a wing at the opposite end. Photography is by Aki Itami R. “Although our architecture plays a fundamental role on the house, it is through the insertion of spaces for contemplation of nature that we achieve one true experience,” the architects said. The master bedroom is bordered on two sides by a secluded bougainvillaea garden, behind which is an en-suite incorporating small green courtyards. At the centre of the property is a small pond enclosed by glass that allows views towards a tabachín tree – a small species common in the American tropics – from the surrounding rooms. An orchard garden   is positioned next to the property’s entrance, while a   plant-lined passage along one edge of the plot provides direct access to the garden at the rear.

Updated: 09.12.2014 — 02:16