Inexpensive Pick-Me-Ups for Every Room in Your Home

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In the Bathroom: Add some art. Adding just one mismatched chair (or a couple, at the two ends of your table) can really help change up your dining room look. Obviously this is not a place to put the Van Gogh (although the Mona Lisa originally hung in a bathroom at Fontainebleau), but a few well-placed pieces of inexpensive art can add a lot of energy to a bathroom. → Bored with Your Bathroom? This is a great place to embrace contrast — if your furniture is super-modern, look for an antique piece, and vice versa. Here are six suggestions for perking up your space on a budget: one for every room of your home. And if your home is too small to have a proper entry, the accent wall will have the additional benefit of setting off your entry area so that it feels like its own entity, and you have a nice transition from the outside world into your home. A non-nightstandy thing used as a nightstand is a great way to shake up the look of your bedroom — and there are a lot of inexpensive options out there. (Image credits: Kim Lucian; Little Green Notebook; Plaza Interior; Design*Sponge; Lily; Emmas Designblogg) In the Dining Room: Add a mismatched chair into your mix. More inspiration: 10 Unusual Things to Use as a Nightstand

In the Entryway: Paint an accent wall. Look for a flatwoven rug, like a kilim, so you can easily sweep up crumbs — or go for an outdoor rug or one you can easily throw in the wash. An accent wall will give your entryway just a little extra pizazz. A rug in the kitchen may seem a little unusual — but it’s a great way to add a little color and texture into a space that can often seem sterile or boring. There’s no law that says all your dining chairs have to match.

Updated: 09.12.2014 — 00:17