Merry Kitschmas! 10 Tips for Working Vintage Elements Into Your Home’s Holiday Decor

3) Group wacky colors with more traditional ones

Grouping pastels, traditional colors and jewel tones together gives your tinsel tree forest more bang for the buck. The holidays are my time to really unleash my love of kitsch. This gorgeous champagne colored tree was perfectly accented with more metallics and my vintage Christmas angel collection all in the same color way. 6) Paint over vintage items for a more modern look

This summer we learned that neons up the hip factor of almost anything, even your mother’s 80’s Christmas village. I even took matchy-matchy to the next level by making custom fabric ornaments and gift boxes to go underneath the tree. Hot pink trees seem a lot less kitschy when they match your furniture impeccably. These angels went from tack-a-liscious to tasteful in a jiffy. 10) Just go for it! Mix in items you would have up year round with sparkly seasonal items. I chose my hot pink tree because it is the exact same shade of pink as in the material. I’m a firm believer in the fact that there is not much a can of spray paint can’t fix. 2. But this time, she’s shared her best tips for successfully adding holiday-themed kitschy vintage elements to your (probably more contemporary) home’s decor. 1. 7) There’s power in numbers

With any collection one can look out of place and tacky, but a giant collection can make almost anything look good. Use tinsel trees, Santas and anything else you might have in your garage collecting dust that fits your color theme. 5) Change out your every day items

The items in your shelves and on your walls are not glued down. 9) Pick a color theme for each room

Pick a color combo for each room and roll with it. 4) Color coordinate with your existing palette

Match your colorful tree to the room. Use your tree as a canvas for vintage items

Use your Christmas tree as a way to display. Mix seasonal items in your year-round vignettes

Styling a sleek etagere during the holidays should not be any different then the rest of the year. With a good foundation already established in your home kitsch can look like a fun accent and not like bad decorating judgement call.

Updated: 09.12.2014 — 04:17