How Not to Spend Too Much Money on Gifts This Year

And while that is quite sweet and quite admirable, are there some people on there you just don’t really have to get a gift to? Just pick an item that you really love or you know your friends and family will love. There are plenty of services you can give as gifts, and since you’ll be helping someone else greatly, they’ll appreciate it as much as a gift you may have bought. You might at least be able to narrow down the people you need to buy gifts for, and then maybe try some of the suggestions below for sharing holiday cheer with others in a more affordable way. Or can you give gifts to families and couples, so you’re not purchasing separate gifts for everyone? Like help setting up technology in the home if you happen to be great at that. How do you keep your holiday spending under budget and in control? Take care with the presentation and individualize items with different colors or handwritten messages to make them more special. Babysitting or pet sitting. Stick to a budget

Hand make gifts in bulk

Soap, granola, ornaments, making a lot of the same thing really well at the same time doesn’t have any less meaning than buying individual gifts for every person on your list. Or help cleaning the house or DIYing something.

Updated: 09.12.2014 — 10:17