Longwood: An Old Stone House For Sale in Bucks County

I like the exposed stone walls in the bathroom. Have a happy Monday! It’s pretty, though! Longwood Estate was built in   the 1760s in Bucks County, Pennsylania, an area known for having more than its fair share of beautiful old stone houses. For more photos and information, check the listing and Philly Mag.  

  P.S. I’d love to see it on a snowy day with candles in the windows. There are 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. I’m pretty predictable because the sunroom is one of my favorite spaces in the house:

It’s just as pretty from the outside, looking in:

A long covered porch runs across the back of the house:

The   reader who told me about the property said, “This   room with the ginormous moose head and flag draped on the couch made me go ‘WHAAAT?’”

I   found a previous listing that explained that it was the pool house. Janet Shearer’s Cornish Farmhouse

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Are You Hooked on Houses? Makes an interesting contrast with the marble. I expected it to look a little more rustic. I think this would be a fun house to decorate for Christmas. I think the neighbors were starting to wonder how long I was going to pretend it was still fall,   ha. Get Your “House Fix” with My Weekly Newsletter:

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