Baseball stadium for Mexico’s "red devils" to feature a three-pronged roof

“Estadio Diablos will have a monumental lightweight roof structure resembling Diablos’ trident,” said JAHN in a statement. Designed by Mexican architects Alonso de Garay of ADG and Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido of JAHN, the arena will be located in Mexico City’s Magdalena Mixhuca, the main site of the 1968 Olympic Games. Public plazas will be created   at the northern and south-eastern corners of the complex, and there will also be gardens at the south-west end of the site. This structure will be supported by   truncated pyramids clad with indigenous volcanic rock, likened by the architects to the components of “an ancient Mesoamerican temple”. “Our challenge was to make the stadium a social and cultural centre. News: Chicago firm JAHN and Mexican office ADG have teamed up to design a new stadium for Mexican baseball team Los Diablos Rojos del Mexico with a pointed roof   modelled on a devil’s trident. According to the architects, it will be “sharp, translucent, luminous and dynamic”. The new 13,000-seat home stadium for Los Diablos Rojos del Mexico, which translates as the Red Devils of Mexico, will feature a lightweight steel roof with three pointed ends, designed to reference the   three-pronged spear synonymous with the devil. There will also be additional seating provided by a great berm – a raised bank overlooking the action. Beyond the entrance, a ring of circulation space will lead to the sheltered seating stands. As Estadio Azteca is the home of Mexican football, we strive for Estadio Diablos to become the home of Mexican baseball.”

Updated: 11.12.2014 — 10:30