DIY Holiday Decor: 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Your kids will love it! 7. Take 12 of those circles and prepare to cut slits in each of them. Each day you are going to do an activity, pick up an ornament and take out the piece of paper to read what activity you’ll be doing. (See below)

4. My hope is that doing some of these things together, like making DIY decorations, will help us form memories and traditions that will become a part of our future holidays. 5. Make 24 circles and cut them out. Write each activity on a piece of paper and slip them into the circles through the slits. (Image credits: Christine Lu) Number each one from 1 to 12 using the gold glitter pen. I have a two-year-old daughter, and I am seeing this holiday season anew through her eyes. Here are the 12 things I picked for our holiday activities:

Make and decorate gingerbread cookies
Pick out a gift with my daughter to donate a child who might not otherwise get a gift this year
Sing Christmas carols and hymns together
Go look at Christmas lights in our city
Make an ornament to add to the Christmas tree
Read stories that relay the meaning of Christmas
Listen and dance around the house to the Nutcracker
Help my daughter pick out a small gift from her for her dad
Make a gingerbread house
Dress up and take a family photo
Make a wreath
Drink hot cocoa and make paper snowflakes to string up

What are some of the ways that you will celebrate the holidays this month? I say all this to suggest that you could use these to decorate your home in whatever way you see fit! The holidays always seem to fly by way too fast so, this year, I’ve resolved to be really intentional about celebrating the season. Let it dry. Christmas is right around the corner! Ultimately, I decided to go with making them into ornaments for our Christmas tree because they looked like little snowballs and it seemed perfect for our tree. One of the ways I’ve planned to do that is by picking 12 activities that I want to do with my family to make this season extra special. I’m excited to pass on some of the traditions I have from my childhood, but I am also looking forward to making new traditions of our own.

Updated: 11.12.2014 — 02:31