5 Tips: How To Quickly Make Your House Look Cleaner Than It Is

You get a text message that company is dropping by and they’re only 10 blocks away. Keep a rubber glove or your favorite pet hair busting product on hand to knock it all down in a few sweeps. If you pile your dishes in the sink then it looks like you threw them all in there at the last minute as everyone knows you can’t really wash dishes in that manner and you’ll still look like a slight slob, even though you have clean counters. Most living rooms are centered around your tv and the amount of dust that hangs on it, your netflix stack and dvd box set pile that’s off to one side could be tell tale signs of why the rest of your house isn’t exactly spotless. Yup! Add things to your basket according to the room they go in. Stash with Efficiency: When company drops in we’ve all been in a situation once or twice where things get tossed in a basket and shoved in the spare bedroom or closet. 1. Toilets and tabletops are a bit more self explanatory, but important none the less. 4. Bring that panic to your life every day and clean with the same intensity for just 5 minutes and your house will always look better for it. They’ll slide right back out, be prestacked and ready to be washed so you can recover from the guilt you just gave yourself for following through with this tip. until they’re removed. Admitting that I’ve done it more than once is punishment enough alright? Take a deep breath, now panic and check out these 5 tips for making your house appear clean in a flash. Clean the Three T’s: Toilets, Tabletops, the Television. It’s a quick solution, but it can be done with more efficiency so you can find your stuff later on. What? Wait, what? The television? True, but think about how much you can clean in those few minutes before they arrive. Pet Hair: Even if you have a sparkling clean house, if your sofa is covered with a layer of dog or cat fur, it suddenly looks less tidy. Instead, grab a baking sheet and stack like items together and slide them in the oven. 10 blocks isn’t much. Re-edited from a post originally published 11.1.11 – JL

(Image credits: Lydia Brotherton) 5. Don’t panic. Side note: don’t preheat your oven… Dishes Be Gone in Seconds Flat: Please don’t judge me for this tip. With traffic and parking and walking up your stairs, 5 minutes is a safe estimate. 2.

Updated: 11.12.2014 — 08:31