Natalie Bowen Designs + Porro — Workspace Tour

Proudest DIY: How very little we actually reconfigured the space to transform the flow and layout. Both Seth’s office and Natalie’s workshop have sliding glass doors out to the yard, which allows us to enjoy the garden year round. Open Workspace Tour

Resources of Note:
Wood chairs in the meeting room: Organic Modernism
Yellow chairs in the meeting room: Bluedot
Table: Ikea
Console: CB2
Rug: Westelm
Cast Resin vase: Martha Sturdy
Planter: HipHaven Bullet Planter
Painting on conference room wall: Anna Korkobcova
Prints of Natalie’s Work
Table and sink: Economy Restaurant Supply
Black shelves: custom
Silver bins: Home Depot
Table: Ikea
Desk lamps: Pablo
Chair: Eames Aluminum Group
Black shelves : custom
Lighting: Artemide
Table: Economy Restaurant Supply
Ribbon wall: Custom
Storage bins: The Container Store
Vintage Ladder: Alemeda Flea Market
Mounted plants: various sources including Flora Grubb
Table chairs: CB2
White outdoor chairs: HD Buttercup
Green and yellow Chair: CB2
Concrete table: Flora Grubb
Planters: from various sources including West Elm, Flora Grubb, CB2

Open Workspace Tour

Thanks, Natalie and Seth! Seth designed a modern canvas allowing Natalie to continually let floral and decor elements brought in for each client modify the space. Biggest Challenge: How to transform a wood-paneled law office that had been deteriorating since the ’80s into an studio that reflected our passions without tearing the building down and starting from scratch. • Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Seth: Lighting! We have turned this space into our favorite room and eat lunch out there almost every day. (Image credits: Kim Lucian) Best Advice: Natalie: Marry an architect. This time of year you hardly notice because the sun is always shining, but in the dead of winter when the days are short and the fog is thick having great lighting inside and out makes a huge difference. The perfect combination of clean, modern architecture with functional-but-stylish finishes like the concrete floors meets the softer, more romantic touches that Natalie brings the space: Dreamy artwork, vintage vessels of all shapes and flowers— the space is brimming with flowers. Open Workspace Tour

Open Workspace Tour

It is this exercise in opposites that strikes you when you walk through the door and it is also what makes the space work so beautifully. It doubles as a terrific party spot. Biggest Embarrassment: Low water pressure in a floral studio is quite the drag. Seth’s office is clean lined and modern with books arranged in neat rows and objects that feels almost sculptural in context—all of which is punctuated with unapologetically bright pops of orange. Having a garden is an incredible bonus but not a necessity. Natalie’s studio is full of soft colors and organic shapes, with vessels and tools that show a patina lining her shelves. Both are an example of how to successfully bring style to your workplace, be it solo or shared. By simply moving door openings and even closing one door up, we were able to make the rooms feel more streamlined and open. Biggest Indulgence: Natalie: My own personal cutting garden. Open Workspace Tour

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Our style is clean, modern and unfussy. • Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Our inspiration was to transform a hole in the wall into a beautiful space that we—and our employees—wanted to come to. The space is for both of our businesses and the style of the studio really represents the two of us and where our individual aesthetics meet. Inspiration: The place was a dump when we moved in. Favorite Element: The back yard.

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