The Cool Hunter Launches CJ Hendry Debut Solo Exhibition in Sydney

Even Kanye West now has one of CJ’s pieces.  
For those who have just discovered The Cool Hunter or CJ Hendry, here’s some of the background story.  
And we HAVE supported her from the start because we saw the striking talent and the strong appeal of her old-school hand-drawn artistry in today’s technology-heavy world.  
We decided to showcase her work in a private home in Sydney – a perfect match to her talent.  
Within a few hours, we had received more than 50 enquiries from international buyers wanting to buy the piece we just posted.  
Opening night was a huge success with over 500 people turning up to an art event they hadn’t experienced before – all being driven to and from the space courtesy of Uber. After a long period of scouting, we found the incredible house that fits the style of CJ Hendry’s work impeccably. A huge thanks to our sponsors: Penfolds wine, Ciroc Vodka, San Pellegrino, Peroni, Rekorderlig Cider. Neither overpowers the other, both the art and the house get to shine, they are flawlessly aligned.  
Her mailing list now exceeds 1000, all serious potential buyers wanting to know what’s next.  
– And Summer 2015, we’ll show more of CJ’s works in New York City and Art Basel Miami. Pool balls, gold sofa and gold flowers. Her reputation took off like a rocket and her work is selling out at record time.  
In early April this year we launched the Art Hunter in Sydney in conjunction with Jaguar and introduced CJ Hendry’s work as one of the featured elements of the occasion.  
And this is how 90% of CJ’s work have been selling ever since. It is a testament to her talent and once again, a testament also to what we call “The Cool Hunter Effect.” We hear about it all the time. It is a two-storey warehouse in Surry Hills converted to what is possibly Sydney’s coolest house. The house alone offers limitless talking points, yet it served perfectly as the background for CJ’s pieces. The result: All of her works were sold BEFORE we even opened The Art Hunter! So much so, that we became her exclusive agents/gallery. To be updated on CJ’s upcoming works and to get on her mailing list, send an email to – [email   protected]
Photos by David Wheeler and Damien Milan. Home to a young savvy entrepreneur who likes to entertain, the house features its own private nightclub complete with gold bar, see-through glass smoking room, four bedrooms/bathrooms, a pool that looks into the nightclub and a super impressive sound system.  
We are happy to be the catalyst and supporter of excellent work, but CJ Hendry is unusual even among the ones we’ve supported before. The gold flowers on the bar were sprayed 24 carat gold. We did the same thing the following day and posted a different image and continued that a few days in a row. The food was the talk of the night, super quality provided by the Louis Vuitton of butchers – Victor Churchill in Woollahra and incredible cheeses by Salt Meat Cheese in Alexandria. Her rise is extraordinary in the art world as it has all happened in just six short months.  
So, to market her work further, we have wanted to take a new route, to continue to do things differently. Cj’s sports artworks

The entrance to the private nightclub was a perfect setting to display Cj’s playing card and pool ball series. We recently introduced her playing card series, also on Instagram, and sold out the entire set within five days. Plus a sleeping pod shaped like a UFO – the owner’s bedroom. To put an extraordinary talent into the boring same-old, white-walled art-gallery setting somehow just did not make sense to us.  
– CJ is exclusively represented by TCH. All 54 cards, including two Jokers  
Her $50K Fashion IT Bag series sold out.

Updated: 11.12.2014 — 12:39