NNS Apartment by Mudrogelenko

Architects: Mudrogelenko | Zlata Mudrogelenko, Dmitriy Mudrogelenko
Photographs: Ivan Sorokin

Architecture, Interiors
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Comments are closed. The main principals of reconstruction of residential space, implemented in the object:
– Separation of functional areas on different floors (layers). these changes are very simple – we change the structure of stairway. From the architects
In typical 3 – levels apartment it was made capital reconstruction. The most important in this project for us is an idea, and it is illustrated, that we can create in this typical apartment contemporary space, because the basic construction structure permits to do it. – Daylight in all rooms. – Orientation of central space – from the north – the kitchen, from the south – living room. – Open central space on the 1-st floor – living room and kitchen-dining room. NNS Apartment by Mudrogelenko
Posted by Erin on December 11th, 2014

Architecture firm Mudrogelenko have completed the renovation of an apartment in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Finally, these photos were made when the clients lived 3 months in this apartment and all accessories, that we see, are using in their private life. In this building   are about sixty apartments of this types and all of them, except our project, use planning potential incorrectly (as we thing) like it was in our apartment before reconstruction. The adding for main volume the balconies areas made possible to create big lightly common open space on 1 floor, which includes the living room, the kitchen and dining room.

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