Giving an Old House in South Orange a Fresh Start

We did all the design work and hired all the contractors. Hope to see you on the Secret Blog! The kitchen was really showing its age:

They really made this house livable (and lovable) again for a new generation.   P.S. Check the listing for the rest of the   photos and more information. The home’s classic features of beautiful hard wood floors, tall ceilings fabulous moldings add character charm.”

It’s on the market for $419,000. From a totally brand new roof, down to all new mechanicals in the basement, every inch of the house was touched and given much needed love! He was busy with a much larger project, so he hired my wife and I to do this property for him. It was built in 1912 and hadn’t really   been updated much since. The listing says, “This stunning Colonial is just blocks from everything the Village of South Orange has to offer including the Mid-Town Direct train, just 30 minutes to NYC. When he and his wife took   on the challenge of renovating it to sell, it was in pretty bad shape, but it looks a whole lot   happier   now…

Doug is a Realtor in South Orange: “I have an investor client who renovates and restores old houses. Hooked on Old House Renos? Fixing Up an Old New Englander

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Updated: 12.12.2014 — 00:52