London designers create tiny dream rooms for Museum of Childhood exhibition

Llama Dreams by Donna WilsonPaul Priestman of Priestmangoode, the design   studio behind   the new driverless London tube trains, has used two-way mirrors to create a never-ending party table covered in seemingly unlimited liquorice and cakes. More Is More by Rosa and Clara DesignsDezeen has also featured dolls’ houses by architects   including Zaha Hadid and David Adjaye, each integrating a feature that would make life easier for a disabled child. The experience of peering into a darkened space, and seeing something unexpected and magical, stayed with him,” said Sage. Into the Trees Playroom by Pantxika Ospital of JentilDominic Wilcox’s Offline Hideaway, Sage’s personal favourite, shows a girl on a sofa reading, at the top of a precarious-looking stack of furniture. Three different-coloured plastic tubes and a white ladder fill the mirror-lined box. Offline Hideaway by Dominic WilcoxThe VA Museum of Childhood   in east London commissioned designers to create their “dream room” inside a 30-centimetre wooden box. Home Is Bear The Heart Is by Mister PeeblesIn the exhibition the boxes are stacked on top of each other to create a complete Dream House, which sits underneath the words “In miniature, impossible dreams can come true”. A tiny laptop is used to prop the leg of a wobbly chair. Wellbeing Bathroom by Roger Arquer”It could be fantastical, whimsical, aspirational or technological, it just had to be small!”
If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There by Pearson LloydSage said the designers were selected because “they all have really different points of view, are based in London, and do interesting innovative work that   I though would be fun to see in miniature.”
Bermondsey Studio by East London Furniture, Reuben Le Prevost and Jessica Sutton”I wanted a selection of designers from different backgrounds, a few well established designers as well as people just starting out who are doing great work,” said Sage. Monsters in the Pantry by Peter MarigoldProduct designer   Roger Arquer has created a minimal bathroom with a wall of green moss and marble pebbles. Two curved brass faucets emerge from the floor while a glass bulb hangs from the ceiling. The   contributors   range from furniture and homeware designers – such as Peter Marigold and Bethan Laura Wood   – to textile designers including   Donna Wilson. My Dream Space, My Toy Box by Design KBoth Bethan Laura Wood and Donna Wilson have filled their dream rooms with miniature versions of their own designs in colourful patterns. If a Budgie Dreamed of Being a Magpie by Bethan Laura Wood”Paul looked back to his childhood, and the memory of making pin-hole viewers out of shoe boxes. “What lies beyond is simply a matter of dream and the imagination.”
Room with a View by Nancy EdwardsEast London Furniture has mocked up a miniature version of their current studio space, complete with lead windows and brick walls. “In Dominic’s little room, there is space and time away from the demands of the digital,” said Sage. A Night in the Studio by Ina Hyun K Shin”The room is both a playground and an in-between space where you are just as likely to simply pass through as hang around,” said PearsonLloyd. Wilderness Dreams by Orly OrbachFurniture design studio   PearsonLloyd’s dream room is titled with a quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Updated: 12.12.2014 — 20:54