40 books every graphic designer will want for Christmas

There are over 300 different examples featured in the book, and the book itself is nicely produced using high quality stock, making it feel archival and specimen-like. New Typefaces by Isabel Naegele, Petra Eisele and Annette Ludwig
With more and more new typefaces appearing all the time, it can be hard to keep up with some of the latest designs. 06. 16. 03. From modern classics to recent releases, here’s some top design books from you to choose from, from typography to illustration to logo design and beyond. Illustration: Meeting the Brief
If your job is to create illustrations according to a specific brief, then this is the book for you. A new monograph, and first book ever published about Deffke, Pioneer of the Modern Logo showcases his work as a commercial artist, architect, poster and book designer, and includes a number of unseen images alongside 14 insightful essays exploring his work. By the age of 21, Morross had already set-up up a record label, designed a collection for Topshop and worked for a roster of big-name brands such as Nike and Google. How to be an Illustrator
As anyone will tell you, crafting your career as a successful freelance illustrator is hard so if you’re after some advice on the practicalities of getting yourself seen and commissioned, then look no further. Make your own luck by Kate Moross
More of a memoir than a step-by-step guide, in this book illustrator and art director Kate Moross provides some invaluable insight into how to survive the often bumpy world of design from self-promotion to collaborating with others to that all-contentious issue of when to work for free. 05. Building on established, classic typographical concepts and approaches, this book provides a useful repertoire of skills and techniques, including a section on how to animate type procedurally. To help you out, we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff and picked out the best. It also acts as a how-to guide for succeeding in the industry, with advice on portfolio presentation, making contacts, collaborating with others and how to develop your skills as an individual. The Typographic Universe: Letterforms Found in Nature, the Built World and Human Imagination
This is unashamedly a coffee-table-bound sourcebook, designed to provide inspiration in the form of type and typography formed from a whole world of non-traditional materials including food, nature and architecture. Shadow Type: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering
This is perfect coffee-table matter for typography lovers. Pioneer of the Modern Logo
Known as the ‘Father of the modern logo’, Wilhelm Deffke (1887-1950) established the first modern advertising agency in Germany in 1915 and designed more than 10,000 logos that were both innovative and ground-breaking for their time. 04. Drawing Type by Alex Fowkes
Have you ever wanted to know more about the designer behind the typeface? Over 2,300 designers submitted their work for consideration and the book celebrates innovation in type design across a variety of formats including books, magazines, corporate identities, logos and posters. Drawn from work gathered across Europe and the United States, Shadow Type focusses on 19th and 20th century examples of 3D-shadow type that have been carefully and lovingly illustrated for signs, packaging, shopfronts and movies. Over 180 premium pages, the book dissects the world’s greatest typefaces, bringing you some insightful background on each and interviews with their creators. Perfect as a gift for the typophile in your life! In Illustration: Meeting the Brief, author Alan Male looks at the overall project, from concept to completion, through a number of illustrative examples and asks you to consider things in the process that you may not have done so before, such as how the image conveys information, the message and the use of truth or metaphor, as well as that all-important reminder to remember both audience and client in the process. 15. Based on interviews and conversations with Adrian Frutiger himself, Typefaces: The Complete Works comprehensively references the great man’s work and intends to be used as a source of inspiration for the next generation of type designers. 14. While it wont teach you any new tricks, it does offer an interesting look at how type can be found and forged from everything around us. Graphic Design for Fashion by Jay Hess and Simone Pasztorek
Simone Pasztorek and Jay Hess are the two fashion and design creatives behind the London-based creative studio byBOTH. Postermania: New Poster Design
If you’re interested in poster design then this is the book for you. He uses his own personal experiences- his architectural background, curator of a number of museums around the world and co-creation of Blueprint magazine – to make assertions about some of the myths (and truths) in popular culture, from what makes a Warhol a genuine fake to the principles of Functionalism. And she’s certainly someone to learn a few life lessons from. An Essay on Typography
This repackaged version of Eric Gill’s 1931 manifesto on type offers a glimpse at the pre-digital era where handmade really represented craftsmanship. Type on Screen: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Developers, Students
The use of type on screen is a specialised discipline in itself, and this book aims to focus on the specific challenges and requirements screen-based applications have. Looking for present ideas for the designer in your life? Featuring over 200 examples of finished work, the book also explores the process and practitioners behind the projects, and is an excellent source of inspiration as well as education! Famously opinionated, the essay isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea in a political sense, but it’s nonetheless a useful bit of history that helps to illustrate the man behind the famous typeface. This new book outlines the importance of user design techniques in helping you create targeted designs that perfectly resonate with the audience that see your work. This book showcases some of the best and most exciting work from 2012. With practical projects to get you started, and stunning examples from some of today’s most innovative studios, this is an essential introduction to modern UXD. 19. 11. Creative Advertising: An Introduction  
This is great book to read if you’re creating art for brands. B is for Bauhaus by Deyan Sudjic
Director of London’s Design Museum, Deyan Sudjic’s anthology provides an A-Z list of contemporary culture, from authenticity to zips! Adventures in Letterpress
Author: Brandon Mise
ISBN: 978-1-7806733-3-2
Publisher: Laurence King
The resurgence of letterpress continues apace, and this book celebrates the fact by illustrating the work of artists and designers who have saved old presses from skips and scrap yards across the US. 08. With unique insight into the ever-changing world of publishing and some examples of the most creative editorial around, Designing the Editorial Experience: A Primer for Print, Web, and Mobile is a great book for exploring both the producers and consumers of editorial design. 100 Greatest Typefaces Ever
We couldn’t compile this list without including our own publication The 100 Best Typefaces Ever – the definitive guide to the greatest fonts ever created, in association with FontShop AG. Next page: 20 more   books every graphic designer will want for Christmas 02. New Typefaces: Positions and Perspectives acts as a curator of some of the most unique and original designs of recent times, as well as interviews with a number of typographers to understand the thinking and influence behind their work.

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