Improving Party Flow

Create comfortable areas for chitchats. Often times our instinct is to add extra seating for all guests, but sometimes this leaves little room for flow and movement. They also don’t take up much space (physically or visually), keeping sight lines clear and uncluttered. If you like to entertain — over the holidays or any time of the year — here are some tips to consider:
1. Don’t skimp on standing space. 3. Voila, a conversation corner! 2. Creating a spot for friendly conversing can be as simple as placing two chairs off to the side with a small side table in between. But nothing helps or hinders the atmosphere like furniture placement. Bring on the backless seating. You don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable moving around or have them bumping into furniture to do so. Keep in mind that a good distance for conversation is approximately 10 feet.

Updated: 13.12.2014 — 00:56