Dropbear Digital turns paper cut outs into stop-motion music video for John Butler Trio

It was animated on a traditional animation stand that consisted of three to four   layers of glass so that the background, foreground and middle ground could be divided up and animated separately.”

While most of the effects in the film were created in-camera, some were produced after filming. Related story: SBTRKT’s animated music video follows a creature through urban dystopia
“The story is about an Earth-bound spirit called Jack who is searching for his long lost wife called Spring,” Chong told Dezeen. The director animated the film using Dragonframe stop-motion software. Music: Australian studio Dropbear Digital used over 330 paper illustrations to tell the story of a wandering spirit in this stop-motion video for John Butler Trio’s new single, Spring to Come. “He wanders the landscape as it changes through the seasons and all around him the cycle of life continues,” the director said. Director Jonathan Chong of Dropbear Digital collaborated with independent illustrator Snip Green to make the film. Australian soft rockers John Butler Trio approached Dropbear Digital about making the video after seeing a stop-motion promo Chong made for Melbourne outfit Hudson and Troop. “The setting sun was a practical light on a slider that was animated by hand, and then the sky and stars were a digital effect,” Chong explained.

Updated: 13.12.2014 — 19:16