Before & After: A Recliner Makes a Remarkable (& Quick) Recovery

This recliner was so ugly, even my cat got depressed by it, so I couldn’t wait to give this chair a fresh update. I turned to Pinterest for some good ol’ DIY advice and looked at several projects that all seemed super easy and doable in like, 5 minutes, but I knew these projects were traps! Where I couldn’t staple, I sewed the fabric onto the chair. So I decided to go for the lazy route: with a staple gun I stapled the new fabric over the already existing and original fabric onto the wooden frame. It is my husband’s grandfather’s chair, so I kinda had to tread carefully. I would probably end up with bloody hands, a ruined chair, traumatized husband and an even more depressed cat, while frantically looking for duct tape to tape the thing back together.

Updated: 14.12.2014 — 01:16