9 Great Gifts for Small-Space Dwellers — Holiday Gift Guide From Apartment Therapy

4. Give these classic Dots Coat Hooks, from $26, to help folks organize stylishly. 2. We love this Cactus Tea Towel from Leah Duncan, $26, is a great example. Enter for a chance to win $1500 to spend on custom furniture. White Stacking Mugs or Espresso Cups from World Market are stylish and take up little space, $12.99. 1. It’s a tried-and-true small space trick — mirrors can help make a room seem bigger and brighter. A good, cleverly designed tea towel is a sleek way to bring a pop of color, pattern and art to a compact kitchen without taking up a lot of space! These Hanging Test Tube Vases from Pigeon Toe Ceramics are super compact, hang so they won’t take up any surface space and would bring a touch of green to a corner of a small home, $38. 8. 5. Treat yourself after all this shopping! (Image credits: Henry Chen; Adrienne Breaux; Ashley Anderson) This Kate Bingaman-Burt Plant #4 Drawing is only 7″ x 5″ framed and $25 from Enormous Tiny Art. Wall hooks are an invaluable tool for small space dwellers, and they can be used in just about any room of the house. Give a gift they’ll enjoy and that won’t permanently take up space in their small home with a homemade edible gift. The MINI JAMBOX can help save space for music lovers in small homes and only costs $129.99

6. 9. Give the gift of being able to declutter and reclaim space in a small home from an overflowing book collection by giving an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, $119.

Updated: 14.12.2014 — 07:17